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Investment Strategy Consulting (ISC) is based in New York City and South Carolina and offers outsourced investment management consulting services to Foundations, High-Net Worth Investors, Fund of Funds, Wealth Advisors, independent Broker-Dealers, and Family Offices.

ISC is a valuable resource for investors who require independent, specialized assistance or guidance at any point in the investment process including investment portfolio design, implementation, investment portfolio performance reporting, investment management and evaluation and investment office governance.

At ISC, our primary goal is to develop true partnerships with our clients’, always working on their behalf as our first priority. We are unencumbered by product representation or financial relationships with issuers of financial products.   Our analysis and recommendations are in the context of each clients’ portfolio; their investment policy, goals and constraints.

Whether you are a new institution building an investment office; are looking to design or review your portfolio construction and allocations; seeking to bridge the gap with regard to investment due diligence and monitoring, or are simply in need of a resource for “outside the box” investment portfolio related solutions, we will be your advocate.


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“Our experience, credentials and years of experience as well as our personal approach allow us to respond quickly to client needs. ISC is focused on the specific requirements of our investor clients.”

Kelly Westfall



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